the categories

Below are this year's categories and a non exhaustive list of the types of products we'd welcome into the awards:

all about the accessories 
not limited to: rug, mirror, wall art, throw pillow, candle, vase, objet, collection, door handles

not limited to: vanity, mirror, hardware, fixture, bath, sink, shower, tile, flooring, collection design

not limited to: bifold doors, external tiles, window, external door, sunroom, orangery, roof tiles, skylights, door handles, door furniture, power outlets, hinges, light switches

not limited to: paint colour, paint collection, paint finish, wallpaper, wall mural, printed fabric, weave, embroidery, plain fabric, ready-made curtains or blinds, outdoor fabric, wooden flooring

not limited to: dining table, dining chair, sofa, accent chair, bed, bedside table, bar stool, coffee table, end table, bookcase, media unit, sideboard, desk, office chair, collection

not limited to: countertop, tile, hardware, sink, tap, dinnerware set, accessories, flooring, appliance, collection design

not limited to: statement pendant, ceiling light, wall light, floor light, table light, desk light, portable lamp,  collection

outdoor living
not limited to: outdoor furniture set, parasol, pizza oven, firepit, outdoor rug, outdoor lighting, bbq, planter

sleep tight
not limited to: pillow, duvet, topper, mattress protector, mattress in a box, luxury mattress, organic mattress, bedding, sustainable bedding, luxury bedding, pillow spray, eye mask, wake up lam

not limited to: surround sound speaker, smart tv, bluetooth speaker, video doorbell, smart light, vacuum cleaner, robot device

best in class

All entries will be considered for the prestigious accolade of best in class—only ten high-calibre products will make this cut, with just one stand-out entrant for each category of accessories, furniture, lighting, decorating, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors, sleep and tech.  This honed edit will showcase the winners that stood out the most during our judging process, delivering unparalleled style and officially making them the top buys of 2024.

best in class: accessories
The perfect finishing touch that we think would elevate every home - it could be a vase, a cushion, a candle holder or the perfect serving bowl. A little addition that makes a big difference.

best in class: bathrooms
Beauty begins in the bathroom, so be your best self with this product. 

best in class: build
Whether it's a new extension or simply updating light switches, our audience wants to constantly improve their home. This is the award that feels the most innovative.

best in class: decorating
This product will be the best of the best in its category, rivalling everything else on the market and being the colour, finish or pattern sets the tone for 2024.

best in class: furniture
A room’s success begins and ends with the furniture in it. Of all the products that have entered, this one will unlock wow factor like no other. 

best in class: kitchens
Kitchens are big business, and of all the products we tried, this will be the product that emerged as the newly appointed CEO. 

best in class: outdoors
Alfresco living continues to be the best way of passing the summer for our audience, as we all long to spend as long as possible on long afternoons outside. This is the winner that facilitates that.

best in class: lighting
There are so many different lights for different occasions, but this entry? It will be in a league all its own.  

best in class: sleep
This product will win over our judges for its ability to revolutionise their routines, giving our readers the chance to have a better night. 

best in class: tech
Perhaps it’s that it saves us time, perhaps it’s because it answers a problem we never knew we had, and perhaps it looks beautiful at the same time. This winner will probably do all three.